Your product is amazing… but unfortunately that’s not going to be enough in 2023! 

Don’t get me wrong; a fantastic product is still a must, but your competitors are pressing ahead and consumer confidence is in free-fall. Boosting retail sales in 2023 is going to be all about grabbing the attention of customers in the store and making sure they pick your product over the competition.

Potential customers need assurance that your brand can be trusted over your competitors and that the product is a good fit for their needs. In a world dominated by digital communication, nothing beats personal recommendations. This is why the store sales associates hold the key to winning retail sales in 2023.

A motivated and well-educated shop employee makes a world of difference for the consumers’ shopping experience. They answer questions from consumers about your product, explain its features and benefits – investing his or her personal credibility by recommending the product.

This was confirmed in a recent survey by DXC Technology published in an IDC InfoBrief: “Winning Over Shoppers in the Digital Age: A Guide for Retailers and CPG ­Companies.”. It showed that an impressive 94% of retail shoppers say “a store associate’s help is important in feeling confident they are buying the right product“.

Same point was demonstrated in a another survey conducted by Mindtree in 2016. They revealed that sales associates have a significant influence on the purchase decision of 70% of shoppers.

But how do you make sure that the employee goes that extra mile for your brand? After all, most stores have dozens if not hundreds of brands and products. It’s hard to remember them all – much less the details that can persuade the customer to buy.

Great in-store visuals help your product stand out. It attracts attention and reminds the customer of your brand values… but to connect with the sales associates in the store you need to think differently. You need to think outside the box. Outside the saleroom actually… and inside the break room!

The break room is the safe space for the employees. It’s where they can let their guard down, chat with colleagues and replenish their reserves before they go back to meet your customers. The ideal place to shape their perception of your brand and the way you get into the break room – is by putting yourself in their spot… 

Here are three simple but effective tips to make your brand top-of-mind for every employee in the store:

  1. Branded break room wall calendars.
    Ever worked in a retail store? The main topic of discussion is shifts and working hours! The wall calendar is indispensable and often the center of attention. An annual wall calendar with appealing imagery will stay up all year AND promotes your brand and key selling points over 12 full spreads! (Check out this blog post on how to create your branded break room wall calendar)
  2. Branded coffee mugs
    Let’s be honest. Retail runs on caffeine! Branded mugs for the break room puts your brand in the hands of the sales people every day. Modern technology allows us to print almost anything on premium cups that will last for years – and we have seen a lot of very creative ideas for branded coffee mugs!
  3. Branded book of reference
    Many markets see increasing complexity and it’s hard for the guys on the floor to keep up. Creating a branded book of reference covering key subjects for your market (specifications, diagrams, background information etc.) can be a powerful tool to promote as a brand dedicated to helping them stay on top of the questions they get every day from increasingly well-educated customers. (More info: Hard-cover Brand Books)

These are just a few examples of smart marketing strategies that innovative brands will be rolling out to get ahead in 2023. Each and every day potential customers have conversations about your products with local sales associates in stores all over the country – or even the world. If you can figure out a way to connect with them, you will be one step ahead of your competitors all year long!

Maybe you didn’t see this coming, but putting the break room on your marketing plan is exactly the kind of low-cost/high-impact your brand needs in 2023. The best part is that with modern print-on-demand technology it has never been easier to design, produce and distribute premium promotion materials in any country in the world… we know, because this is what we do every day!

The POS Booster team has years of real-world creative marketing experience and with our global print-on-demand network we offer a full-service solution covering the complete process: design, production and global distribution.

Book a call now and let us walk you through some of the creative possibilities that you can roll out already in this quarter