Hard-cover brand book

High-quality hardcover book with glossy photo-style pages printed on 170 gsm paper made from FSC-certified sustainable wood. Durable matte printable hardcover. Glued back and thinly laminated pages so it can handle repeated use.

Present your partners or customers with a exclusively crafted book that matches the quality of your brand and products. Use it to set the scene and tell the full story of your brand. 

Perfect support for the sales associates in your show room or for a string branding message in your waiting area. 

Printed and shipped locally all over the world.
No minimum order.


– 20×20 cm (8×8″)
– 21×28 cm (8×11″)
– 28×28 cm (11×11″)

170 gsm paper made from FSC-certified sustainable wood


From 30 to 200
(plus printable front and back cover)

Usecase: tell the full story of your brand and company

Branding is all about storytelling and hard-cover books have always been the gold standard. The convey the timeless value of your brand and has that real physical presence that is rare in the digital world of today. 

Printing and distributing solid hard-cover books have however traditionally been an expensive and burdensome process. However the progress of high-quality on-demand printing have made brand books accessible for smaller brands as well.

Hard-cover brand books can be printed and distributed directly to your retail outlets anywere in the world.