No news: Marketing campaigns drive sales!

Every day new great products are created to make customers happy and solve theiir problems… but even great products don’t sell themselves. Creative and effective marketing and sales efforts are key to realizing any products true potential.

Getting that right is a difficult task and especially so for B2C products sold via retail outlets. There any many moving parts and turning a great marketing idea into an effective retail campaign is a challenge that requires expertise in many different areas – but it’s worth remembering that one persons impossible project is another mans everyday work. The solution: Focus on the core and bring in trusted partners to help manage the rest. 

When it comes to In-Store marketing campaigns the devel is in the practical details. Creative ideas are born every day in Zoom calls and around meeting tables – but also shot down by managers asking valid questions about practicality and timelines.

POS Booster to the rescue

Printing and distributing marketing materials is our bread and butter. On-demand printing technology has changed the industry fundamentally and this opens up new opptotunities for retail marketeers. We have the knowhow and an international network of printing and logistics partners that we place at your disposal.

Old-school campaigns usually means bulk orders of marketing materials delivered to central warehouses (or even to the marketing department themsemselves). Sending out the materials to every local outlet is a pain and more often than not you end up with large stacks of un-used marketing materials in the corner. 

The modern day solution to this problem is decentralized, on-demand print of materials delivered directly to your point of sale. Thanks to digital printing technology you get the same quality i every outlet – without the hassle of centralized storage and upfront investments in large print-runs.

At POS Booster, we help small and medium-sized brands and companies print and distribute premium marketing materials. We offer a complete solution turning your designs into final products and deliver them directly to your desired location.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Our team has decades of experience with the real world issues of retail marketing and we know the long ardous road from the campaign idea is born in the marketing department until the finished campaign is up an running in all locations. 

We have extensive experience with all kinds of printing materials and work with local printing partners in 31 different countries. This allows us to execute quickly (and cost efficiently) on your project – and deliver your promotion materials to your outlets anywhere in the world.

So when you promise you boss that your great idea can be executed on time and on budget – we’ve got your back! Book a quick call with us today – and let os help boost your retail sales!