soft-cover product catalog

High-quality printed catalog with glossy photo-style pages printed on 170 gsm paper made from FSC-certified sustainable wood. Durable printable front and back cover. Glued back and thinly laminated pages so it can handle repeated use.

Create an inticing catalog that presents your product, your brand or your company in high resolution. Put updated product and brand information directly into the hands of the employees in your stores to give them the tools they need to close the deal with the customer.

Printed and shipped locally all over the world.
No minimum order.


– 14×14 cm (5.5×5.5″)
– 20×20 cm (8×8″)
– 21×28 cm (8×11″)

170 gsm paper made from FSC-certified sustainable wood


From 30 to 200
(plus printable front and back cover)

Usecase: put your full product portfolio in the hads of your sales team

Product portfolios are increasing in both scope and complexity. Getting that full detailed knowledge to your sales associates – and the potential customers who visit your stores – is a challenge due to the limited space of physical retail spaces. 

Printed product catalogs are powerful tools for the sales associates with direct customer contact. However many brands have discontinued them because of the need to order thousands of catalogs that waste away in storage.

With on-demand printing these are non-issues. Retail partners can order catalogs and they will always get the latest version sent directly to their store!