ImmerSign - bringing video & 3D to retail marketing

ImmserSign is an innovative new marketing tool designed to place the full effect of your brand communication right in front of your customers as they make their purchasing decision.

The signs include a digital augment reality dimension allowing the customers to view brand videos or 3D rendering via their smartphone – bringing your brand to life in the store.

How it works:
The customer simply scans a qr-code with any smartphone camera to launch a digital universe that we create for you using 
a unique platform developed by the Danish software company Hololink. No apps or downloads needed – it all runs in the phones normal browser – using your sign as canvas!

The signs are often printed on lightweight PVC foam boards but can be integrated into any type of material or display setting. The key is the qr-code which leads to the immersive digital universe.

Book a call with us today for a demonstration and let’s talk about the inspiration your customers need to make the right decision in the store. 

No minimum order.


ImmerSigns can be created on any kind of printed materials including:
– Poster prints
– Printed signs (PVC, wood, metal etc)
– Window stickers


Signs can be created in sizes from 10.5 x 14.8 cm (4.1×5.8″) up to 100 x 200 cm (39×78″)

The video and/or 3D digital content plays using the sign as canvas. So the larger the sign – the further away the customer can see it.


Any modern smartphone has a camera with built-in qr-scanner.

The ImmerSign digital content can be played on any modern iPhone and Android smartphone. No app downloads required. 

Usecase: bring your CSr activities to life

MessyWeekend is an eye-wear brand with a purpose. Buy their cool sunglasses to help clean up the oceans! Removing plastic from the oceans is popular with young consumers, but how do you activate that powerful emotional story in a competitive retail environment?

Enter ImmerSigns in the form of lightweight foam board prints to be placed directly on the shelf next to the products or mounted on the wall next to the sunglass display cases.

The colorful sign show the connection between purchase and clean oceans and include an invitation to learn more by scanning the QR-code. This leads the customer to a simple digital universe including videos showing the NGO RESEA removing plastic bottles from the sea. Videos that play on the customers phone with the sign as background. Simple and persuasive.